1. Gesture series from a great moment in Short Term 12. More to come on this one, WIP

  2. Prism Princess! Feeling inspired by all the pretty pretty princesses out there. Kept the inverted version in cause it reminded me of those black crayon scratch-away drawings we did as kids… remember that?


  3. My friends at Mold3D interviewed me recently.  We talked about my career in the VFX industry, as well as my time sculpting collectibles.  I haven’t spoken much about such things since this blog has been about my focus on drawing. Please check it out though if you’re interested :)

  4. Wishing for summer weather!

  5. Just cause it made me laugh, here’s a sour puss Kirsten Dunst

  6. Rust! Rustin Cohle of True Detective. I didn’t do you justice so let’s call it a “study”. You deserve a much more fucked up grizzled drawing. Maybe next time.

  7. Mermaids! Developed the mermaid from my Hipster Black Beard sketch daily http://executeyk.tumblr.com/post/75589066419/  I considered implying that she drowned the hipster and ate him…well, consider it implied

  8. Google Glass puts Sherlock out of business

  9. Random Sketchbook studies. Adrianne Ho and a cat

  10. A Foxy Robin Hood for #Sketch_Dailies

  11. Paperman’s George and Meg as Bonnie and Clyde. For #sketch_Dailies.  This one’s not necessarily done..late for dailies already tho

  12. Hipster Black Beard and Mermaid Selfie for #sketch_dailies

  13. Two caricature artists getting married! They get caricatures as gifts from their massive group of caricature artist friends. I hope I get to see their new collection!

    Chihiro & Kunikazu’s work here:



  14. Jessica Rabbit for Sketch_Dailies on twitter.  Twitter kinda freaks me out….


  15. Sometimes the people at the drawing group are more interesting than the model… + café hipsters